5 Factors to Consider in Booking the Right Florist for Your Wedding

Wedding flowers are among the most important aspects of a wedding. Brides often spend a lot of time searching for the best floral arrangement to complement their gowns. Not only that, they also have to ensure the flowers blend well with the overall motif of the ceremony. There are so many factors and little details to consider that the search for the right wedding florist for your wedding can get meticulous.

You don’t necessarily have to stress yourself out, though. There are many options in handling your wedding flowers: you can do-it-yourself, use potted live plants (so you can fill up your personal garden after the wedding is over), or you can hire a wedding florist to help you deal with the floral arrangements. Start by figuring which option is most fitting for you and your wedding — and take it from there.

The most common option out of the three, however, has to be seeking for outside help. Most brides-to-be notably have their hearts set on booking a florist, primarily because aside from planning floral decor, there are other aspects to a wedding that should be prepared. They don’t have the luxury of time to lavishly plan all the details on their bouquets or wedding car decor. Their schedules are packed, hence any help they can get could go a long way.

Regardless of whether or not you personally know a florist, just one search on the internet will already yield a bunch of options regarding the most renowned florists in Singapore. Finding a vendor has never been this easy – this is one advantage most brides-to-be get to enjoy in this technology-driven age we live in.

There are various floral services like those from www.moodfleur.com in Singapore designed to cater weddings of all kinds, and the good news is, the internet doesn’t serve as your one and only resource. You have other options in researching florists, from wedding pamphlets handed out in malls to personal recommendations from people you know. Resources aside, you also have to take into account a few other factors in order for you to book the right florist for your wedding.

1. Location

As much as a bridal bouquet is one key highlight of your whole wedding look, there is only so much you can see on the internet. Search engines are inclined to promote the largest or best established companies, which more often than not are more expensive. This is great if you have an ample budget for flowers; otherwise, you need to do a bit more searching.

If you want to save a few dollars on floral costs, however, you can always turn to a local wedding florist. A local florist is likely to be a better option for your wedding. Not only are you ensured of the flowers’ fresh quality, you can more easily try to haggle for lower prices. Start your search by asking newlywed friends and relatives for any information, especially if you loved the flowers at their wedding.

2. Website

Browsing through the many bridal websites in Singapore will help you search for trusted and well-reviewed florists in town. These sites contain important vendor information, usually found at the bottom of the page, which you can take note of if you’re eyeing to contract them. They offer packages that generally includes the wedding car decor, bouquet, and floral decor of the venue. If you want to make alterations on their package, discuss it with them before closing the deal.

Also, spend time in cross-checking reviews from various sites in order to weigh in the common feedback from other customers. Take note of negative feedbacks, as this could save you from potential hassles and headaches you may have to personally deal with.

3. Portfolio

Before booking a florist, it is also important to take a look at their portfolios of past bouquets and wedding flowers. This will give you an idea as to how they do their bridal flowers — and in browsing, you may also find a previous work of theirs you happen to like. Little bursts of inspiration like this can provide more detail and design for your personal bridal bouquet.

Some skilled florists can accommodate a wide variety of styles while others specialize in a single style. However, it is recommended to keep an eye out for variety.

4. Prices

It is only practical to be mindful over the costs of your wedding flowers. While most wedding websites do not have exact pricing posted on their page, it is important to contact them to ask for an estimate in order to figure out if the price works just fine with your budget.

Remember that your floral decor isn’t just the whole of your wedding, though. There are other aspects to wedding preparations such as booking a venue and hiring a make-up artist, hence it is encouraged to plan your budget beforehand. This will save you from potential excess costs.

5. Proposal/Contract

Always review the proposal given to you by any florist after agreeing on the design style and pricing. After signing the proposal, it becomes your contract, you need to abide by it lest you forfeit the whole deal and not get the bridal bouquet that you want. Pay attention to the provisions listed. Ask them for clarifications about anything you don’t completely understand.

Also, don’t hesitate to voice out your concerns. Ask for changes or open up negotiations if you are uncomfortable with a certain part listed in the provision.

Searching for the best bridal florist in Singapore might get overwhelming at some point, but it is certainly possible. You just have to take into account a lot of factors, combined with extra patience and effort on your part. There is no shortcut if you want nothing but the best — but rest assured, all your efforts won’t be in vain. The price of being meticulous and cautious will allow you to reap you the fruits of your dream wedding.

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