Understanding Dementia: Things You Should Know

No one wants to be a victim of dementia but it can easily destroy the lives of the patients and leaving their relationships in shambles. This is the worst thing that could happen. With this, it is important that you know things about dementia so you will know what you are facing and how to tackle it in case you have it or your close family.

Dementia is the medical condition characterized by a decline in a person’s mental ability that is serious enough to restrict his/her everyday activities. There are many types of dementia and the most recognized being Alzheimer’s. In fact, Alzheimer’s account for about 60–80% of cases of dementia not only here in Singapore but around the world. It is time that you know many things about it. Here are some:


Be reminded that the symptoms of dementia vary greatly but there are at least two of the following mental functions impaired by dementia: visual perception, communication and language and ability to pay attention and focus. Most cases of dementia are progressive, this means that symptoms begin slowly and then gradually worsen. If you notice any changes in thinking skills of your loved ones, do not ignore them. You have to get professional help. Early evaluation may discover treatable solutions.


You already know that dementia caused damage in the brain cells. This damage will eventually inhibit the brain cells’ knack to connect to each other. What happens when brain cells do not connect normally? Then it will affect one’s thinking, feelings and behaviour.


Doctors are urging the people to have their loved ones check as soon as they noticed one or two of the symptoms mentioned above. You have to know that there is no test that will determine dementia right away. Doctors will carefully diagnose based on medical history, laboratory tests, physical examination and other things. However, doctors find it hard to identify the exact type of dementia since symptoms may overlap.


The treatment will depend on the case. In the case of Alzheimer’s, there is no cure or treatment that can help slow down its progression however there are certain drugs that can temporarily improve one’s symptoms. As for the future of treatment, more studies need to be made and increased participation when it comes to clinical studies.


Risk factors like genetics and age cannot be altered. Researchers are still engaged in exploring other risk factors contributing to brain health and its prevention. For example cardiovascular risk can be reduced through diet and physical exercise.

Is Vaping Better Than Traditional Cigarette Smoking?


In the past several years, there has been a good deal of discussion about e cigarette smoking. Lots of people are spending money on electronic cigarettes as a way to eventually giving up their smoking habit for good. You will get to experience the sensation of smoking cigarettes without all of the negative side effects. It is a legitimate reason to transition to utilizing a vape pen. But, you will find out soon that there are more gains in connection with vaping than individuals know. With that said, read on to determine why you ought to make the switch immediately.

There really is only one starting point, and it is with the idea that an e cigarette is a healthier replacement for a standard cigarette. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and that is where the health concerns come from, as tobacco has about 7,000 chemicals, and 69 of such chemicals are well-known to lead to cancer. What you’ll read next is just a number of health issues smoking can trigger; lung cancer, asthma, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, and diabetes. When you choose to take up vaping, you certainly will notice plenty of wonderful benefits, including, you will have much more energy, you will be coughing less, and also your circulation will improve.

After you’ve given up cigarette smoking for a while, you’ll discover that your appearance starts to become better. Your teeth will also get whiter whilst your fingertips will lose their yellow hue. This could very well give you a real confidence boost. You could also deal with that horrible smoke smell. The smell of smoke lingers on furniture, clothing, and others. Through transitioning to a new smoking habit, you’ll be able to make sure your household doesn’t reek of that horrible stench coming from cigarette smoking. Oftentimes, people who smoke don’t see how terrible the smell is till they fully give up and switch to electronic cigarettes.

Furthermore, you will save yourself a large amount of money when you start using an e cigarette. You can possibly save money by transitioning to electronic cigarettes. Many men and women choose to save the money they would have spent on buying cigarettes into a different checking account. You’re going to be floored by how quickly it goes up. It won’t be long till you have enough money to take the family on holiday.

Let’s not overlook the most fundamental benefit of all—vaping is fun. Almost all people really prefer vape pens today more than ever. The reason is the vast selection of flavours to pick from. Beginning with tobacco and menthol flavours, to fruit flavours, to coffee, you can discover the best e liquid to suit your needs. If you aren’t convinced about shopping for a vape pen just before looking at this article, you definitely will be at this point. It’s the ultimate way to give up smoking and leads the way to a happier and healthier you.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Health


How you wish to get enough sleep. Sleep is your miracle cure but you are not getting enough because of work and other things. You are not alone. Actually most Singaporeans do not get enough sleep despite the continuous reminder of health experts about getting at least eight hours of sleep at night. As a result, you go around eternally tired.

You already know that sleep is something needed to make you feel alert plus it helps prevent having eye bags. It is more than that. Sleep is vital in overall health and wellness and it is time that you get worried of the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. Experts from The Sleep Council said that most of us  get by on just 5 to 6 hours of sleep and that is not enough to perform our best.

In  fact, a separate study conducted by Harvard Medical School revealed that those who do not get enough are 15% more likely to die early than those who have good sleeping habits. It is time to be aware. Start with short term and long term effects of sleeplessness:

Short term sleeplessness

There are always two aspects in your health that can take a toll when it comes to sleeplessness namely physical and mental. Lack of sleep can affect your physical health like feeling fatigued or weak, getting dizzy and lacking energy to execute even basic tasks. Aside from that, you might notice you get sugar cravings and you feel hungrier. It is also easy to contract sickness like infections, colds and flu. If you are particular about your eyes and skin, it will surely look dull.

Lack of sleep can affect your mental health like mood swings and short temper. Not only that, you will find it hard to concentrate. You have to understand that this happens because the brain is left depleted and exhausted that it fails to even execute basic tasks efficiently.

Long term sleeplessness

You still have time to change your ways but if you still ignore it, sleep deprivation can be severe for your health. Lack of sleep can affect physical health because it will lead to weight gain – which is the root of other health conditions from obesity, diabetes to heart disease or worse, cancers. When you lose too much sleep, the body will overproduce cortisol (causing stress) and insulin (processes sugar). Both can store extra fat.

Lack of sleep can affect your mental health causing depression and anxiety. You will also feel paranoia and worse, you will have suicidal thoughts.

Read This Before Buying Any Gym Supplements


Most newbie gym goers would typically ask if they need to take supplements for gym. If you’re merely aiming to join a fitness program, it is likely that you’ll not need to have a dietary supplement anymore. However, you have to make sure that you are taking a balanced dietary regimen so your body can take advantage of sufficient vitamins and minerals it needs.


Additionally, if you desire to take your exercise program to an advanced level and intend to train to be a sports athlete or even a weight trainer, then you may need essential gym supplements. For example, you’ll need more substantial quantities of protein which your usual meal may not be able to give. Additionally, eating a lot of protein-packed daily meals might not often be feasible. In this regard, you’d gain from taking a gym supplement.

Before going ahead to buy your very first supplements for gym, take note that there are several considerations you need to make and first of which is your fitness goal. And that means you should identify your specific needs so that it would also be clear to you what you’d look out for in a supplement. If you’re enthusiastic about developing muscles then you will need a healthy protein supplement rich in content.

However, if your goal is to lose weight then you might be better consuming health supplements with low fat and also carbohydrate content. You will also need to understand the different types of supplements for gym. One type is the Whey Concentrate and that is the most typical. It is popular among gym buffs who want to gain muscles and also body weight for it offers carbohydrates and fats, other than protein, all in the form of lactose.


On the other hand, there’s the Whey Protein that is also a popular choice of many due to the combined added benefits it gives. It can help enhance immunity, improve your circulatory system, and as well believed to help deal with the indications of aging. Another type is the Whey Isolate which allows you take in more necessary protein in every single consumption.

It separates fat and carbohydrates from protein that is also why it is usually more costly than the other kinds. Don’t forget to as well check out the price when making a decision which gym supplement to purchase. Not all health supplements are created equal and you could assume price ranges to vary as well. Consider your gains ultimately because you might be able to reduce expenses this way.

Even though an item may be costlier, in all probability it can be more beneficial than other sorts of brands in the market. Again, it comes down to your necessities. Regarding the time when you should be consuming the essential gym supplements, consider using them within around 30 minutes after your workout session because this is the time when your body need the nourishing substances the most. You might also wish to plan in advance how you’re likely to enjoy your supplements because there are several ways of preparing it.

You could combine it with dairy products, include in a recipe, or simply mix with water. It is your decision. But above all, when considering any supplements for gym, ensure that you have studied your choices and also your needs. That is definitely how you’d take full advantage of it and also your exercise program as well.


Foods that Help You Battle Against Inflammation


There are foods with inflammation property. Inflammation can have long-term health concerns associated with it. It is therefore important that you control inflammation. You should know that if the inflammation is closely controlled, you will feel better and have more energy. It does not end there because controlling inflammation can make weight loss as well as the lessening of belly fat are easier to accomplish.


To control inflammation, you have to choose the right food. Your meal plan is very important. When consumed on a regular basis, the less inflammation will happen. Here are foods that help you battle against belly fat:

  • Green tea: Green tea is the beverage that you should consider. This will surely shrink your waistline not to mention decrease the inflammation that you feel. Green teas have flavonoids which are famous for their natural anti-inflammatory property. In fact, there is a compound called EGCG that can decrease body fat.


  • Fruits and vegetables: In general, all fruits and vegetables can help you combat belly fat because of their high levels of fiber. Fiber can battle chronic inflammation. With this, it is important that you include enough amounts on a daily basis. Good examples include berries, apples, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and pineapple.


  • Spices: Spices have strong inflammation reducing abilities so adding them on the meals often can make a difference at the end of the day. You have to know though that there are specific spices for greater effect. You should buy turmeric, garlic, chilli peppers, ginger and cinnamon.


  • Water: It is important to stay hydrated at all times because it can help flushing inflammation toxins. You have to ensure that you drink at least sixty four ounces of water every day. If you are doing exercise, add another eight ounces every thirty minutes.


  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids has been connected with reduced inflammation. In a study, it was found out that diet with low omega-6 fatty acid but high in omega-3 fatty acids can decrease inflammation. Example of food with good omega-3 fatty acid contents include flaxseed, walnuts and salmons.


  • Whole grains: Whole grains are rich in B vitamin that can help decrease the body’s inflammatory hormone – homocystine.

These foods are readily available here in Singapore so there are no reasons not to consider it. It is important that you eat these foods as often as possible if you really want to reduce inflammation in your body. Others do not consider foods mentioned above but it can make a difference at the end of the day. For better meal plans, consult your dieticians or nutritionists.


Fruits That Help Boost Your Immune System


The When you hear immune system, what comes to your mind first? Many people understand immune system as a protector against diseases. That is the essence of immune system. Viruses and parasitic worms for example are present but the immune system will release preventive measures so that the body can determine a healthy tissue from defective ones.


The body only functions depending on how you feed and take care of it. There are many Singaporeans who are conscious about boosting their immune system while there are others that completely ignore it. Whatever you believe it, just remember that viruses and parasitic worms are present and it takes a good defence system to keep it away.

Start with changing your eating habits. You have to know that there are fruits famous for their immune boosting properties. Fruits have minerals, vitamins and phytochemical that can help prevent and battle diseases.   Here are some fruits that can help you boost immune system:

  • Berries: Berries that are known include cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries. These fruits are rich in phytochemicals. These fruits are filled with antioxidants which can be an outstanding source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. It can help reduce colds, strikes, osteoporosis and many more.


  • Lemons: If there is something that is more versatile, it is the lemon. Lemons are famous because of its ability to cleanse the body. Aside from that, lemons have this antiseptic and antifungal ability that can eliminate germs.


  • Limes: Like lemons, limes are also versatile. Limes are known for its hasty speed when it comes to your body’s healing. Limes trigger the while blood cell’s production that can gulp bacteria or even dying cells.


  • Kiwi: Kiwi is commended for its vitamin C content. In fact, one kiwi has 120% of the recommended dose of an adult. It can also be a great source of fibre. You have to be careful though because some children reported allergic reactions to it.


  • Mango: Mango is filled with beta carotene – the ancestor of vitamin A. It also contains vitamin E that can defend cells from damage.


  • Pineapple: Pineapple has this protein enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain is important as it can reduce inflammation. Pineapple supports the reduction of injuries, inflammation, arthritis and sinusitis.

One final reminder though, though these fruits are healthy, make sure that you keep it low. Remember that too much of something is bad enough. The sugar found in your fruits – fructose, can cause surge insulin that can lead to blood sugar problems as well as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.