Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants


It’s always refreshing to see hints of green in your home after a long day at work. Not only will it beautify your space, placing a few pots of plants here and there will also give your niche a calming vibe. If you already have several indoor plants occupying a small space in your balcony or pocket garden, then you might want to explore other ways of doing a complete green takeover in your home that both you and your guests will surely appreciate.

  1. Use Them as Bookends

Is your floor-to-ceiling bookshelf the focal point of your home? If so, take its decorative value a notch higher by using plants as bookends for your book or magazine collection. To do this, repot your plants into small glass jars or mason jars, and fill them with smooth stones and pebbles for an added weight. Once you’re done, you can already use them as bookends for your paperback novels and hardbound books.

  1. Hang Them as Window Decors

Make your windows extra beautiful by using a floating shelf to display some of your potted succulents. Use a twine and recycled wood for a more rustic touch, and display your plants in a white ceramic planters to achieve that elegant look.

  1. Create a Plant Vignette

Another way of decorating your home and capturing the attention of your guests is by placing a lovely vignette of plants and planters in your foyer. Make your plant vignette artsier by using a ladder shelf. Simply fill the shelf with your favourite cacti, succulents and potted flowers, but be sure to choose those with varying heights to add more interest in your vignette.

  1. Place a Tray of Plants on Your Table

Don’t just limit your dining table centrepiece to a jar of cookies or a plate full of treats. Instead, make your dining area extra relaxing by filling an unused tray with a potted plants. You can even add some depth and dimension to your project by recycling an old cupcake stand and using it as the base for your centrepiece. Then, complete the playful and quirky look of your setup by planters working with colourful and patterned planters.

  1. Line Up Your Steps With Potted Plants

Keep the flight of steps in your home pretty and regal by placing a potted plant on each step. You can even add a hint of elegance to it by placing the plants in copper pots. As an alternative, you can use the planters to decorate the walls of your living area.

Using plants to decorate your home isn’t as difficult as you think. All you’ve got to do is show some creativity on how you use them as décors, and you’ll be able to add some calming and refreshing vibe to your nook.

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