How to Care for Your Contact Lenses

Although lenses provide a lot of advantages than prescription glasses, it’s more tedious to maintain and clean. There is always a danger of contamination which might lead to eye infections.

Wearing Instructions
1. Wash then dry your hands before handling the contacts. Don’t apply moisturizers on your hands before placing them on your eyes or cleaning them.
2. You should not use contacts when you’re going to a sauna, hot tub, hot springs, the beach or pool. You should minimize contact with any form of water while you’re wearing your contacts.
3. Follow the replacement schedule religiously to avoid problems. You should also have your eye checked regularly as scheduled by the doctor.
4. Contact lens prescriptions usually expire within a year so you have to keep it updated.

Cleaning and Storage
1. Follow the instructions given to you by the doctor when cleaning your contacts. Clean one lens at a time.
2. If you’re not using disposable lenses, the contacts should be rubbed and rinsed before they are soaked in a cleaning solution overnight. Don’t reuse the cleaning solution.
3. Do not use water to rinse or soak the lenses. Avoid saline solutions as well. Use your fingers to rub the lenses even if the cleanser doesn’t tell you to rub them.
4. The cleaning products for your lenses should be prescribed by the doctor. Don’t use anything you’re not told to buy.
5. Your contact’s case should be cleaned and dried before and after every use with the cleaning solution. It is advisable to replace them after three months.
6. Don’t place the contact lenses in the case for a very long time. You might have to disinfect them again as per instruction of the lens package.

Contact Lens Solution
1. You should only use the solution once when cleaning the lenses and the case.
2. Be careful not to make contact with the tip of the solution’s bottle. Close the bottle when not in use.
3. Don’t transfer the solution into another bottle so that it doesn’t come into contact with anything else.
4. Your cleaning solution should be compatible with the contact lenses.
5. Saline solution for cleaning and disinfection should only be used when you clean your lens using UV or heat and enzymatic cleaning tablets.
6. Some people are allergic to the lens cleaning solution. If you feel that there is a reaction, ask the doctor about switching to a different product that doesn’t have preservatives.

In Case of an Infection
1. If you feel that your eyes are swollen, red, painful, or irritated, remove the contact lenses and visit your doctor immediately. Changes in vision should also not be ignored.
2. Don’t forget to use eye drops if your eyes are dry or irritated.
3. Buy your lenses and cleaning solution in reputable shops only.
4. Decorative lenses should be avoided if you don’t need them.
5. Protein buildup is also possible especially if you wear the contacts for a long time. Your doctor might recommend a protein removal product besides the cleaning solution.

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