Preparations Before Getting a Tattoo

There are things you need to do before getting a tattoo besides researching about the process and looking for the best tattoo shop in the area. Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re getting a second tattoo, you need to observe the following to make sure the tattooing process goes smoothly.

Things to Avoid
Never drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs the day before getting a tattoo. Don’t take medications that will thin out the blood. If you’re taking prescription medicine, you should tell the artist before the procedure. Avoid tanning and chemical peels before getting a tattoo as well as weightlifting two days before the appointment.

Book an Appointment
This should be a given. Take time to talk to the artist and decide when you want to get the tattoo. This will give you more time to prepare. Besides, most tattoo shops in Singapore require customers to book an appointment or go through a consultation process. You should also take a reference photo of the design you have in mind..

Remove Hair
Although most tattoo artists are prepared to remove hair on the area where your tattoo will be inked, it will be easier for you both if you can do this in advance. Talk to the artist ahead of time about the procedure so you can both come up with an arrangement.

Get Enough Sleep
You should avoid getting stressed the day before getting a tattoo. You’d be less anxious during the procedure because you’re well-rested.

Eat and Drink
If it’s going to be a long session, make sure to eat a proper meal before the appointment. Drink lots of water too.

Dress Appropriately
Wear something comfortable and loose. It should be easy to take off without having to fully undress. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes especially if it’s going to cover the tattooed area later. Avoid wearing too many accessories.

Pack Supplies
Bring food, a bottle of water and other supplies that will make you feel comfortable. If it’s going to be a long session, you might want to bring a book, pillow or a music player.

Possible Complications
There is a possibility of getting allergies because the ink contains different substances that could trigger a reaction. Ask for a patch test if it’s available. Tattoo removal can also cause complications. Infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Go to the doctor if you see prolonged swelling, rash, redness, flaking, and bumps on the tattoo.

You Can’t Get a Tattoo
There are reasons why the artist might refuse to ink a tattoo. Reputable shops should screen customers for potential health problems. Children and pregnant women are usually not allowed to get a tattoo even if there are no possible complications and there is consent. People with existing health conditions are asked to go to the doctor for advice. If you have an impaired immune system for example, there is a risk that the wound will not heal fast. You should talk to the tattoo artist about any health problems that might complicate the procedure.

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