Secrets to a Gorgeous After-Party Bridal Look

Sometimes, women don’t want to change outfit, especially when there’s so little time to spare – and that’s totally understandable. Perhaps you’ve seen a bride, still on her wedding dress, walking on the streets from one venue to another, and you’re considering of doing the same.

However, there are a couple of things you need to know first if you want to take that route, particularly about your wedding dress. Expect that your wedding night will be a little rowdy, so here are some tips for brides in Singapore who are set on donning their bridal dresses to the after-party bar hopping.

1. A dress made of lighter materials is more party friendly.

Traditional wedding gowns are made of heavy materials that make them uncomfortable to wear. The fabrics are bulky and heavy and are often decked with beadwork that adds up to the weight of the gown. Sounds like your dress? Then, clubbing in it would be a terrible idea. But if you haven’t bought one yet, ask your bridal studio consultant for options that are made of breathable and lighter fabrics. Choosing a dress that’s easier to wear would be an appropriate and much better option for an all-night after-party.

2. Picking a two-piece wedding dress will make outfit changing easier.

Trendy and unique, a two-piece wedding dress from a recognised bridal studio in Singapore is a fun way to switch from aisle-appropriate to downtown chic in seconds. One of the most stylish favourites is Sarah Seven’s Delancey crop top and Utopia skirt. The fully sequined top pairs glamorously with the crepe skirt, but by switching the bottom with high-waist pencil skirt, you’re stylishly good for a night of drinks and dance.

3. Ask your salon about a detachable skirt.

Worried about tripping, getting tangled on things, or tearing the skirt of your dress? Discuss with your bridal boutique about making some parts of your wedding gown detachable—think of an elegant mermaid style gown that transforms into a flattering bodycon. But if you choose to brave the odds and wear your dress as it is, change into more comfortable undergarments that will allow you to move freely.

4. Pick a short wedding dress appropriate for night-outs.

A bride planning to bar hop on the night of her wedding is likely to choose a non-traditional wedding gown. If you’re having an after-party celebration in a club or a bar later in the night, get a tea-length, sheath, or modern mini dress that will go with a casual atmosphere of most clubs and bars.

5. Be careful with see-throughs.

If you don’t want to change from your wedding dress to a more party-appropriate outfit, keep your choice sophisticated and wholesome. This means no see-throughs or any dress that that reveals too much skin. Lace-sleeved dress is fine, but see-through dress revealing too much cleavage is not.

6. Keep in mind that it’s going to be messy.

That’s a fact! When you’re in a club, had a couple of drinks and surrounded with people who can get wild and rowdy, you can’t expect to look as perfect as you first entered the place. If you’re someone who’s carefree and isn’t too careful about spills, stains and rips, then bar hopping in your wedding dress isn’t the best idea. On the contrary, if your wedding dress is couture, cost you an arm and a leg, and falls into the exclusive category, we advise changing into a more comfortable outfit before hitting the club.

7. Change into more comfortable—and appropriate—shoes.

Most bridal shoes are delicately embedded with sequins, beadings, and even laceworks, which may not be the most appropriate for clubbing and bar hopping. If you have plans for after-party celebration, look for silver strappy sandals or stilettos as your bridal shoes. If you prefer the comfort of flats, change into a glamorous pair before partying the night away.

8. Pack some emergency essentials in your purse.

Perhaps, your bridal boutique consultant has warned you that bustles in your wedding dress can’t hold up for long, especially with all of the dancing. So we recommended packing some safety pins and a small sewing kit in your clutch. This way, you’ll make it easier for your bridesmaids to help you fix yourself in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Some more wedding dress tips for after-party bar hopping:

• Explore Your Options

As mentioned, two-piece dress give you the best of both worlds. But don’t limit your options to these dresses and the traditional wedding dresses. There are cocktail dresses, even prom dresses (in white) and pantsuits. Talk to your bridal studio about your party plans, so that they can give you some creative inputs and practical advice for your bridal dress.

• Expect a Lot of Attention

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the attention of everybody, wearing your wedding dress to bars and clubs can make you feel uncomfortable, since you’ll likely attract attention. The upside, however, is that strangers are more likely to buy you drinks as congratulatory gift.

• Be As Comfortable As Possible

Wear flats, change into more comfortable undergarments, switch dresses if you must—do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable clubbing and bar hopping throughout the night.

Traditional bridal gowns are floor-length dresses that exhibit elegance, sophistication, and conservativeness all in one. However, if you intend to wear the same dress to a club party after your wedding, it’s ideal to pick one that doesn’t only show sophistication, but also reflects your fun and quirky side. Keep these essential points in mind, and you’ll be the coolest and trendiest Singapore bride of your generation.

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