Singing Lessons: Best Online Lessons and Why Learn Singing Online

Getting singing lessons online is the most effective and affordable way to become the best singer you can be. However, the type of singing program that best suit your needs will depend on your singing style, as well as the goal that you want to achieve after learning how to sing. Listed down are some of the best online singing lessons that you can take, as well as the reasons why it’s good to learn singing online.

Best Online Singing Lessons

1. Singing Success 360

From the well-renowned voice coach Brett Manning, Singing Success is among the best online vocal lessons that you should try. Whether you’re singing in tune, having troubles hitting high notes, improving your vocal style, or developing your vibrato, Singing Success will serve as your guide in honing your singing prowess.

This revolutionary vocal training program is guaranteed to dramatically improve your singing skills, as well as develop your own unique singing voice so you’ll have the freedom to sing with ease and consistency.

2. Superior Singing Method

If you’re someone who loves getting feedbacks about your vocal intensity, pitch, and frequency, then the Superior Singing Method vocal program is for you. This program is one of the most popular downloadable vocal training courses on the internet – and there’s a lot of reasons why. Suitable for beginner and advanced users alike, Superior Singing Method is a video-based singing lessons that provide vocal exercises, as well as supplemental worksheets that you can practice on.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend singing lesson in Singapore before, then SSM is a best place for you to get a thorough grounding on all the singing techniques that you need to succeed.

3. Singorama

Singorama brings you the best vocal training at a small fraction of what it’d cost to learn singing at a music school. The program gained a lot of popularity on the internet because of the comprehensive singing course it offers that’s sure to help any type of singer.

Singorama covers basic vocal exercises, including voice warm-ups and singing techniques. The program is also risk-free as it offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from the lessons. Its only downside is that it’s software-based, meaning you need to be on your laptop or computer to learn the singing exercises they’re offering.

4. HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System

If you love the products offered by HearAndPlay, then their Vocal Mastery System is for you. What makes the program standout is their easy-to-understand steps to learning singing. It also tackles areas, such as mastering and controlling your singing voice. While most of their vocal lessons focus on the fundamentals, they also provide advance exercises such as runs and riffs that allow even experienced singers to learn something new.

HearAndPlay specializes in Gospel Music, but the Vocal Mastery System can also teach you how to master more powerful and soulful voice regardless of the music genre you want to focus on.

Why Learn Singing Online

Taking singing lessons online is also the most convenient way to learn how to sing and develop your singing voice. Other than that, here are other reasons why you should consider taking online vocal lessons.

1. It is Cheaper

One reason why online singing lessons are better than hiring a voice coach is because it’s cheaper. Students and young professionals alike will be able to save expenses in commuting to their training studio, while the instructors will be free from the expenses of renting a studio in Singapore. With this set-up, both parties will be able to do what they need to do without spending too much money.

2. It Provides Hassle-Free Learning Schedule

Creating a vocal training schedule between you and your coach is perhaps one of the most difficult things to accomplish in an actual singing lessons. But in an online vocal training, you get to perform your lessons anytime and anywhere you want, saving you from the stress of creating a scheduling for you and your coach.

3. It Promotes Focused Teaching

Since online vocal lessons are scheduled at your most convenient time, both you and your coach can now be more focused in learning and teaching vocal techniques. Online singing lessons are usually done on one-on-one sessions, making it easier for you to express your concerns during lessons compared to when you’re enrolled in a group singing class.

4. It Allows You to Connect with Fellow Trainees

Undergoing online singing lessons is one of the best ways to establish various online musical communities. Through this, you get to be in touch with your vocal coaches, fellow trainees, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even create connections with some of the most accomplished singers in Singapore.

5. It Lets You Learn Anywhere You Want

Without enough confidence, singing in front of your fellow trainees might be quite difficult for you. With online singing lessons, however, you don’t need to worry about performing in front of another person since you’ll be singing in your home. Simply find the best spot to take your lessons in your home, and you’re good to go.

With the age of technology, learning the proper way to sing is now possible even if you’re in the comforts of your home. So consider trying out any of the aforementioned online lessons and programs to hone your singing prowess, and bring out the diva in you.

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