Skywalks You Should Try At Least Once in Your Life


For those who are brave enough to face their fear of heights, the next big thing that you can do is to conquer at least one or two skywalks in your lifetime because at the end of the day, you will feel less scared and more proud. Skywalks will serve as your platform and it is time that you try it.

Before you consider staggering heights, you should first start small say at least 50 meters elevated and about 128 metre bridge. You should not go far because here in Singapore, there is a place that you can consider. Have you tried the Supertree Grooves? Not only you conquer your fear of heights but also you get to see great views of the city.

After conquering the Supertree Groves, it is time that you consider other structures or skywalks. Here are some suggestions of what skywalk to consider next:

Langkawi Sky Bridge

This is near the city and it would not trouble you securing the travel. The Sky Bridge is in Kedah, Malaysia. If you want to see the forest’s aerial view, you should consider this skywalk. The bridge boasts of glass viewing panels and only brave hearts can look down. The skywalk or bridge is 700 meters elevated above sea level and it is actually hanging on tip of Machinchang mountain.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

If you happen to visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, do not miss the glass bridge. The glass bridge is hailed to be the longest and highest glass bridge in the world. If you want to peek down, you will be treated with stunning views of two mountains and in between. It is 300 meters suspended above the ground.

Stairway to Nothingness

There is actually a Stairway to Nothingness found in Austria. The challenge is to look down if you dare. The glass platform is about 100 metres above sea level. There is a viewing platform and you can take a peek of Dachstein Massif and some Australian alps.

Chamonix Skywalk

If you happen to visit France, you should head to Chamonix Skywalk in Aiguille du Midi. Some call it “void”. The platform is placed at the Montblanc peak. Your view will be surely breath-taking with mountains and valleys. It is dizzying since it boasts of 1,035 meters above sea level. To withstand the winds that can get up to 200 km/hour, the glass box is made from 5 panels of glass and reinforced by metal frame.

Indeed skywalks are not for the faint hearted but it doesn’t make you any lesser than the others.

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