The 5 Most Common Causes of Pimples and Breakouts

Most people generally link their pimples to stress, but did you know that stress is only one factor among the many that causes acne and pimples? Advertisements done by the media are also quick to pin the reason down to bacterial infection, but truth is that’s not all of it. A lot of reasons and factors come to play when it comes to frequent occurrence of pimples.

When the body’s metabolism is being altered due to unhealthy lifestyle practices, it changes the composition of our fat layers — which then causes the formation of pimples and acne. This article will present some of the common reasons behind such imbalances.

1. Low water intake
Water intake is vital to the body as it supports all the biological processes that sustain us. It also acts as a vehicle to flush out and eliminate various wastes from the body while maintaining enough moisture and humidity at the same time. If the body’s water consumption is inadequate, the wastes are likely to remain and kept stored. These wastes are carried in blood to the other parts of the body, which might just be the reason behind the recent pimple on your face.

2. Hormonal imbalance
When we fail to get hold of our own emotions, it triggers the release of hormones in quantities more than what is required. Such hormones creep their way into the skin to trigger feelings like anger and stress through tactile means. This prompts the subcutaneous fat to ooze out of the skin’s pores, making it sweaty and oily. It also clogs pores which results to pimples and acne.

3. Junk food
Junk foods in general are harmful to the body despite of their addictive taste, specifically when it comes to causing pimples and acnes. Refined flour in these unhealthy foods harm the digestive processes of the body. If the waste matter is not eliminated properly, they are likely to be coated with alkaline mucus secretions. The excess of these may end up combining with the skin and come out through the pores, causing pimples.

4. Flavored juices
Artificial sugar commonly found in bottled and tetra-packed juices is notably difficult to breakdown. If consumed excessively, the body’s metabolic and digestive secretions increase which may lead to an imbalance. This urges the subcutaneous fat to ooze out of the pores of the skin, turning into acne or pimples that are most visible on the forehead.

5. Staying up late
If you are an avid night owl, unfortunately for you staying up late at night has been found out to be a main reason behind frequent formation of acne and pimples. Sleeping late beyond the ideal time forces the mind and the body’s metabolism to be in an alert and active state. Hormones are then prompted to secrete in the body, and when too much waste is being thrown away it is likely to lead into large pimples with the presence of pus.

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