22 Obscure Sports You Need to Try

If extreme sports bore you already, you should try some of these less known sporting events.

Aeronautical Pentathlon – Participants compete in six events such as basketball dribbling and shooting, fencing, swimming, shooting, and obstacle course.

Beard and Moustache Growing – Having a nice facial hair is considered a sport. Participants are judged based on the thickness, cut and design of the hair.

Bog Snorkeling – Participants swim in the bog using only their flippers without relying on traditional arm strokes.

Bossaball – This is like playing soccer and volleyball on a trampoline. Participants have to get the ball across the net by using any part of the body.

Botaoshi – The participants are divided into two teams with the objective of capturing the opponent’s pole or defending it.

Canoe Slalom – Participants have to get through river rapids by avoiding contact with gates along the course.

Cardboard Tube Dueling – This was created by the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. The goal is to break the opponent’s cardboard tube while protecting your own.

Cheese Rolling – A ball of cheese is rolled down a steep incline and all the participants go after it or try to get to the finish line.

Chess Boxing – This sport consists of eleven rounds of boxing and chess. There are three ways to win the match; a knockout, a checkmate or though judge’s decision.

Cycleball – Players on bicycles all try to get the ball through the goal using the wheels of their bikes.

Extreme Ironing – Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Try ironing while underwater, riding a ski or climbing a cliff.

Ga-Ga – It is a modidifed form of dodgeball. Players smack the the ball around to hit the other players at or below the knees or the wall.

Kabaddi – Two teams consisting of seven players each attempt to tag each other while chanting kabaddi.

Mountain Unicycling – Mountain bicycling is considered an extreme sport. Try doing it with a unicycle for the extra thrill.

Pesapallo – This is called the baseball of Finland. It’s the same as baseball except for a few variations in pitching.

Race Walking – Competitors try to reach the finish line by speed-walking. They should always have one foot on the ground or they will be disqualified.

Roller Derby – Participants from two groups skate around a track while one member of each team will try to lap players from the opponents.

Snow Polo – It’s a traditional form of the sport but played on a different field. Not everyone can play polo, so snow polo is even rarer. Another variation, unicycle polo, is also gaining popularity.

Steeplechase – Runners clear obstacles such as hurdles, barriers, and water pits. It’s a modified form of obstacle racing.

Toe Wrestling – Instead of the more popular arm wrestling, participants try to beat each other using their toes.

Underwater Hockey – The rules of a regular hockey game apply, but the participants play under the pool.

Zorbing – If you think cheese rolling is silly, try strapping yourself to two plastic balls then roll down a hill.

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